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We are a real estate development, investment and management company that strives, solves and evolves to create better spaces and stronger communities. We are Growing Places.



We value our relationships, build trust and deliver on our promises. Our approach to business is systematic: we have a real estate strategy; we pursue it relentlessly; we execute it in teams.


About Us .

We are a technology group where each member of our staff, attractive and rich in humanity, is always a flexible challenger at all times.

Creating the Future with Clients

As society becomes increasingly diversified and complicated, there are continuous changes in what we are required to provide.

We provide what we have to offer in a variety of formats to suit the needs of our clients, utilizing our long-fostered know-how and technologies.

As a professional partner trusted by clients, we aim to create a wonderful future together with clients by offering designs, management and consulting services to address the needs of clients and society from a variety of perspectives including urban infrastructure, architectural design, environmental symbiosis .

We appreciate your continued, ever stronger support and patronage of our operations.


01.   Landscape Design

We focus on the creation of a unique and tailored contemporary landscape,
supporting our clients through the design process until completion.


02.   Architectural Design

Our growing architectural portfolio includes hundreds of samples that are designed, renovated, and constructed from master-planned residential and multifamily, to townhome and single-family communities.

03.   Interior Design

Beautiful creative decorative solutions for Royal style palaces, high-end villas and homes, spacious flats.

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Your Home

The owners came to us with a highly detailed and specific brief. They wanted a sustainable, super modern, longterm family home, that could change and adapt over time. They had a fantastic and unusual block. Facing the street was a tired, single-fronted cottage with a 1980s addition at the rear that opened out onto a surprising, large private garden. Self-professed “kind of quirky types” the owners asked us to think outside the square house box, save as much of the garden as possible and build a ‘homely’ multifunctional and sustainable family house.

Stylish Interior

When you enter our studio to discuss your plans, you enter the world of our designers. An inspiring environment that challenges you to create a unique interior.

as materials and construction affect how a person experiences the finished room. Good quality materials have "a sound and a feeling that’s different than poor quality materials,"

Mark Antoni

Los Angeles

You want some things to have authenticity, originality, and uniqueness,"  whether that’s Grandma’s candlesticks or a one-off vintage find. "Even if the goal of a design is simplicity and modernity, we choose to incorporate something a little quirky, which I think makes the room a little more interesting.

Martin Kabour

New York

Hiring an interior designer is like hiring an editor,".

A designer knows when to add or take away elements to achieve the desired effect

Khaled Jasem


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